Vanguard: Saga of Heroes?

Any good? I am looking to get into an MMORPG. But I don't like WOW's cartoony characters.

just play WoW. give it time. what level did you get too?

only maybe to 5. I hated the look of the characters though

give it to at least 20. the characters all look lame until you get some decent gear.

perhaps just a matter of taste. i think WoW looks like a comic book. I like that. everything is bigger and more exaggerated then real life. makes it fun. some people like a more realistic look. perhaps that is why i didn't like LotR. I had to kill some wolves, but all the wolves looked like little chihuahuas. In WoW, even lvl 1 wolves look fierce and scary.

I played Vanguard with a couple of chars to 15. Fun game with cool classes.

Its just takes a hefty rig to run it right so I eventually stopped playing until I can get a new rig.

VG is great on difficulty. It still has bugs, but it's biggest problem is lack of end game content. It's not for newbies. Not everyone will be max level with the best gear and spells

I heard soloing doesn't work out well? is that the case?

depends on your class. My pally and disciple can both solo. But you are always better off in a group