VanZant credits past as a dancer for her poise

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                                VanZant credits past as a dancer for her poise

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                    <p>Paige VanZant is three wins into the start of her UFC career and already one of the division&#39;s brightest stars. Speaking to reporters back stage at UFC 192, she credited her ability to be poised in the Octagon and her athleticism to her dance background:</p>

"I would have to give a lot of thanks to my dance teachers," she told reporters backstage in Houston at UFC 192.

"[My dance teachers] taught me how to compose myself. They taught me how to be in a professional setting. And, definitely my parents."

Life as a dancer required poise and no small amount of athleticism for VanZant, both of which come in handy as a MMA fighter. "They definitely make you have a sense of professionalism," she continued.

"I don't think people really understand how much of an athlete you have to be to do dance. I was in it competitively and did a little bit of professional dance, so I'd have to give them thanks."

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She should go on Dancing with the Stars and get some of that mainstream fame.

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She has a weird face.

very understandable, she is balanced as fuck, because of her dancing

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Fight Master Season 1 has already proven Dance is the best background for MMA Phone Post 3.0

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Need to see some pics to understand this better

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anyone have those recent videos of her dancing... actually damn good at it