Varner-Franca fight of the night

first timer Jamie Varner and Hermes Franca win fight of the night bonus from the staff at the UFC. great Job guy's.

Good job Jamie.

great fight. did Varner hurt his arm

its sore but not broke. he starts training next week.

Too bad Varner ran away for a large part of the fight. Shameful and sad, actually. While his takedowns were impressive, his runaway! runaway! fight plan was horrible to watch and really fucking lame.

I thought it was a great fight, and really got the crowd going. Hilight of a lackluster PPV.

Was a good fight, I am sure we will see more of Jamie in the UFC

great job by both fighters. jaime for his ufc/155# debut and hermes for taking the fight on such short notice.

Good job doing the 5k in the ring!

Glad to hear the arm is ok. Great fight I really enjoyed it. Varner should be brought back for another shot.

Varner ran for MAYBE 4 seconds out of the entire fight, and that was because he recognized his poor position and got the hell out of there, which is smart. I had him up 2-0 going into the last round and he got caught... AND tried to fight his way through it. He lost out in the end, it happens, but there's no shame in his performance and I'd sure as hell pay to watch him fight again.

"Varner ran for MAYBE 4 seconds out of the entire fight"

lol. You mean he ran FORWARD for maybe 4 seconds. He backpeddled at least 60% of the fight. With beautiful takedowns in between but he was literally running backward at some points.

Moving backwards isn't the same thing as running, and if anyone wants to call dominating with my hands while on my feet "running" then call me a rabbit all day long, I'll take it.

edited to add this thought

BTW, didn't someone named Chuck Lidell retain his light heavyweight belt by moving backwards and striking that same night?

"dominating with my hands"

huh? Who was dominating...? Surely you don't mean Varner was dominating with his hands, do you?

Jebus fightwatcher has gone on EVERY Varner thread and posted that same silly photoshop.

FW, notice you're the only one on this thread that didn't enjoy the fight? It was voted fight of the night for a reason, and it wasn't simply for the finish. Varner fought his ASS off, Controlled the action with his hands by dictating position and when they would engage, and got a grip of beautiful take-downs into solid ground and pound and some slick escapes against an amazing gappler. He was up 2-0 by most people's cards going into round 3. It seems to me that for someone named fightwatcher who'se been here since '03 you don't know a lot about fighting, certainly not much about stand-up anyway.

"It was voted fight of the night for a reason"

Yeah, Hermes finally catching the running man and bending his arm.

"and got a grip of beautiful take-downs"

This is the only truthful, non-nut-huggerish thing you've posted.

Chuck is a counter-puncher, Varner is a backpeddler. Backpeddlers are horrible for the fight game, and Dana won't put up with it for long. In Pride, he would have been yellowcarded three times. Shit, how many times has BJM stripped a point cause one of the fighters was running??

I like watching skillfull fights, not amateur runners.

P.S. that's n ot a photoshop above it's an actual picture of Varner showing Hermes assholes and elbows in a fucking fight..

This is no slight to Jamie Varner as he is a tough fighter. But to the people saying he didn't run away are you kidding. His prefight interview 'Whoever goes for the first takedown should lose' then after an exchange Varner backpedaled and started going for Takedowns. I thought he may have been up two rounds though knowing that judges count TD's so much. But Hermes was the aggressor and moving forward.

Varner will be a tough fight for anyone at 155 in the UFC though.

did the UFC actually give them a cash bonus for fight of the night? I'd be intersted to know how much.

My vote for Fight of the Night would have been Diaz/Neer. Just my two cents.