Vegan's favorite vegetable?

I used to think it was the obvious cucumber, but there’s a new constant…

So which is it faggots… I mean… vegans ?. .

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most eaten is probably potato sadly

but they would say kale, asparagus, etc

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Assparagus IMO…

Switch to pop-rocks and I’d try it!

I’ve been vegan 10 years and my current favorite is broccoli.

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I nominate this as official vegetable of the OG. Nothing comes as close to being thick, solid, and tight as it.

I have other nominations for official vegetable of the OG, but they keep changing their screen names

Also OP @RearNakedOilCheck I know you think it’s fun to call vegans fags because you assume we’re a bunch of liberals but I can tell you as an experienced vegan heavily in the “scene” for a decade that it’s about 50/50 politically, and many of us are hardcore conservatives like me, AND without fail the groups that try to sabotage our events are far left or BLM, who say veganism is racist and white-privileged. We run into it almost every event.

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Now that I know this, how did you not get that girl in your apartment… did you even tell her this info ?. . I think you need to try one more time, leave her a note explaining that you’re a vegan but a conservative one!

She’ll come crawling back!

(But seriously, I am just having fun and you’re taking offense and being everything that people make fun of vegans for)

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He’s one bike crash away from turning into a vegetable.