Vegas in August?

I've never been to Vegas, but I'm putting together my bachelor party, and my best friend just moved to Vegas about two weeks ago, so I figured Vegas was a lock for a destination.

However, he's relatively new to the area (obviously), and has no interest in MMA, boxing, etc., so he's of little use to me.

First, is it ill-advised for a pasty white kid from Baltimore to travel to Vegas in August? Will I spontaneously combust?

Next, do ya'll know of any MMA/boxing/kickboxing events going on in late August? My mastery of the intorwebz has yielded nothing.

Then, which gyms would be best to visit? Who would be the top folks to train with or take private lessons with?

Finally, what other non-fight related stuff are can't miss?

I didn't ask this on the UG because those folks are douchebags.

...or did I?

Bring sunscreen for your neck, arms and face. It's hot as hell and they even have cooling stations setup along with Mexicans selling bottled water out of suitcases for $1 dollar.

come on down the real deal is 32.95 all you can drink at the Penthouse strip club and 10 dollar lap dances !



I'm eyeing Wanderlei's gym, Robert Drysdale, Xtreme Couture, Cobra Kai and the Warrior Training Center.

Am I missing any gyms? Wasn't Mario Sperry out there too?

BlahBreh - god i hate vegas...

 118 degrees would be a clue

Hong Kong Phooey - 
BlahBreh - god i hate vegas...

 118 degrees would be a clue

 Actually August is a nice time to visit Vegas.