Vegas JJ near the strip???

greetings all you Las Vegas residents....I'm gonna be in Vegas next month and was wondering if there were any schools within a stones throw from the Orleans Hotel? problem is I'm gonna be with a group of about 8 or 9 ppl and I can't guarantee I'll have direct access to one of the cars our little group will I was hoping there'd be a school within a reasonable walking distance in case I wanna ditch them for a little while =)

any ideas????

Good question, I'd like to know as well. Maybe Useless will see this.

Arcadiadan, I think you need to get a cab or dropped off, I was there
last year and tried to get to LV combat club, and waited on cab line like
25 minutes and then it was to late to make class.

LV Combat Club. Close to Mandalay. Check out the website for schedules.

thanks boys....

I don't know Vegas very well. but check out John Lewis' academy, and Marc Laimon's Cobra Kai ( conveniently located near Cheetah's).

yeah come by our gym (Cobra kai) Were right behind Cheetas. Close to the Sahara Hotel And Casino. It might ne a little drive from the Oreleans but trust me its worth it. check out for more details

might just do that....

In terms of distance, the Las Vegas Combat Club is the BJJ academy that is the closest to The Orleans. Unfortunately, it is still not within walking distance (short cab ride, less than $10 for sure). I cabbed there from The Palms, which is further away than The Orleans, but always got a ride back to the hotel from one of the guys who was training there.

There is a very friendly atmosphere over there. They treated me like I was one of them, providing me with great information on technical details, despite the fact that I was just some random guy who showed up one morning.

Or you can go train with the now near-legendary no-gi grappler Useless and Marc Laimon at Cobra Kai

excellent. I'll be out there from April 17 til the 21st. what's the mat fee at the LV Combat Club? Do they work mostly gi or no-gi, or both? my school is mostly gi but we are gonna start doing more no-gi...

I've been to Ricardo's twice and all the guys there are very cool. Of course, I hurt myself both times. If your lucky, Mir will be around and he is also a great guy to learn from. have fun...

They didn't charge me anything the two times I rolled there. I'm not sure if they have a mat fee now. One day was no-gi and the other day was gi.

sweet....will certainly bring my gear with me and hopefully time will permit itself for a little rolling.