Vegas OGers I need your advice!

I want to get a forearm half sleeve done in the near future. I don't trust any "artists" in the small town i live in. So, I'll be traveling up to Vegas to get it done. I like only black and grey work in my tatts. So, who can give me an artist name or the best shop to look into for my next tattoo. Again all black and grey with some realism work. What suggestions you got? Thanks, fellas and ladies, in advance.

I got my tattoo done by a guy named merdock. He specializes in black and grey and has been tattooing for 30 years. He was absolutely amazing and his prices are fair. The last time he did a tattoo for me was in 2010, so idk if it's the same shop. But I can give you his number of you pm me Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the reply. PM sent, nakedlocust.

Anymore suggestions, appreciated.