Vegas UFC 60 sports bar?

Anyone know if there's a sportsbar in Vegas showing UFC 60? Any of the big casinos showing it on their sports betting rooms?

So far from the sports bar list on there's only a listing for a place in Henderson:


IIRC, the sportsbars in Vegas don't show it at all. They had it on Closed-Circuit at one location--I believe Mandalay, and that was it.

This may be a different story as the event is not in Vegas.

Blondie's at the Aladdin Hotel might be showing it.

The list is updated daily.

"Blondie's at the Aladdin Hotel might be showing it"

I highly doubt Blondies will show it. I was there for the last UFC (Silva vs Arlovski) They said there gona show it, come fight night a bunch a people showed and they said they cant, there not aload to show it. The UFC only lets private house hold show there PPV. 

This is what I was told at Blondies

no sportsbars in the entire Vegas area? That's sad!

Blondie's at the Aladdin is showing it.