Velasquez opens as 2.5-1 favorite over Jones

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                                Velasquez opens as 2.5-1 favorite over Jones 
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                    <p>It's not actually a scheduled bout yet, but that didn't keep book keepers from setting odds for a potential showdown between light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez:</p>

As of today at overseas betting site "," Velasquez has opened as a (-275) favorite against Jones, who in turn gets the "underdog" rate of (+215). Simply put, for every $275 wagered on the heavyweight champ, you would earn $100. While a $100 bet on "Bones" would pocket you an extra $215.

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This was likely spurred from a recent interview in which Jones stated that he was walking at around 230 lbs. and would like to do a super fight with the UFC heavyweight champion.


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Jones will be dismantled if he steps to Cain. Gus stole his soul.

I for one look forward to it

Good value on Cain. Jones would have to stop him because he is not outworking Cain to a decision. Phone Post 3.0

Cain would kick the sh*t out of Jon.

Not too surprising. I'm a fan of both guys, and would love to see this fight! Really interesting matchup style wise... Jones can be so unorthodox and unpredictable, but Cain has that in your face, relentless style. Jones is different then jds in that he is able to move in more directions then straight back against the cage, so it might be harder for Cain to back him up and clinch... But a couple solid bombs from Cain might be enough to break jones' will. Would definitely pay to see this fight! Phone Post 3.0

Should be higher Phone Post 3.0

Cain via mauling Phone Post 3.0

I've said it before and I'll say it again
It will be the longest most painful match of Jones career if he steps in the cage with Cain.

Hired Gun - Jones will be dismantled if he steps to Cain. Gus stole his soul.

I for one look forward to it

The guy who was almost finished stole someones soul for barely/arguably winning the first 3 close rounds? OK brah ;)

TwentyNineTwentyEight -

Cain would kick the sh*t out of Jon.

AGREED Phone Post 3.0

I would gladly put my life savings on Cain in that fight Phone Post 3.0

Roy Jones Vs Jon Ruiz! Phone Post 3.0

I'd get a brown pride tattoo on my white ass if Dana makes this happen Phone Post 3.0

Cain would wipe the floor with Jones. He is amazing. Cain has better wrestling and he hits harder than Jones in my opinion.

ShoreBreaker420 - I'd get a brown pride tattoo on my white ass if Dana makes this happen Phone Post 3.0

Careful with statements like this.  Trust me.  That's how I wound up with a Brock Lesnar-esque penis sword tattooed on my torso.

I guess I'll be the first to say that Jones is a pretty game underdog. I'll bet on him if/when they fight, if the line stays like that.

That line should be like -500 Phone Post 3.0

Why would anyone bet on this fight? Your money is just going to be locked away for a year because there's not a chance this fight happens in 2014. Jones isn't even going to fight Glover until March at the earliest. Then likely take another while off before he rematches Gus, or fights DC.

I understand why Cain is the favorite, but we have no idea what JBJ will look like at HW. I think someone with Jon's athleticism, wrestling, length and fight IQ could he the guy to give Cain a ton of problems.

Cain is a pressure fighter who wants to close the distance and fight inside. Jon likes to fight on the outside and clinch for the takedown. Who wins in the clinch and who implements their gameplan the best? Very interesting fight between two champions. Phone Post 3.0

At +350 or +400 I would put money down on Jon due to superior athleticism. Cain hasn't ever faced anyone as elusive or agile as Jon, and Jon has a high fight IQ as well. Nobody has ever seen a 240LB Jon Jones step in the Octagon either. Armed with a GJ gameplan it's possible.