Venator 3

Looked awesome, wish I knew about it. Had some really good names on the card!

Anyone catch it? Phone Post 3.0

Saw the international card, there some good parts and bad parts. 

Good:  I thought the pacing was outstanding, I can barely watch foxsports cards because of all the commercials, it's worse than football. Venator keeps it moving, with house music playing over upcoming fight cards and a pretty cool Brandon Vera Bad Boy commerical.

I liked the no ads mat. The matchmaking, they didn't just serve up the big name fighters some easy W's. Michael Chiesa was a pretty good announcer.

Bad: Stream quality was pretty poor. Production issues with post fight interviews and cage walks, outside of he actual fights, it was kind of a mess.

The stream worked well for me in HD. I could barely hear the post fight though. Phone Post 3.0