Vendetta FC: A Night of Vengeance 9/5 Card

Main Event:

Shonie Carter (47-18-7-1) vs. Derrick Noble (23-12-1)

Vendetta FC 205lb Tournament

A1: Carmelo Marrerro (10-3-0-1) vs. Antwain Britt (7-2)

A2: Angelo Araujo (10-2) vs. Aaron Stark (9-5)

B1: Richard Hale (12-2) vs. Evan Nedd (0-0)

B2: Rodney Wallace (5-0) vs. Gregory Milliard (1-1)

Tournament Semifinals

(A1) Winner vs. (A2) Winner

(B1) Winner vs. (B2) Winner

Tournament Finals

(A) Bracket Winner vs. (B) Bracket Winner

Outdated card featured on HDNet:

could someone post the results please, if you have them

 any streams?  PM me

Not a very even bracket. The A side is way stronger than the B side.

TTT for results

 results por favor!

Here are the results as best as I can remember them.

Stark over Araujo
Britt over Marrero
Wallace over Millard (Aruba fighter)
Hale over Nedd (Aruba Fighter)

Wallace vs Stark Wallace wins
Britt vs Hale Britt wins

Britt vs Wallace Wallace wins.

Wallace was impressive with his takedowns, and subbed Britt in the finals. Props to those guys for doing 3 fights in one night against solid comp.

I also beat Shonie. I hit him hard and often and he took it well. Shonie is a good guy and still very tough.

MX got it right.

Who signs Wallace now?

Thanks for the results Derrick!  Congrats on your win, I hope to see you in Bellator, UFC, or Strikeforce.

Congrats to Rodney Wallace.  he's definitely ready for some bigger competition.   If Bellator does LHW's he'd be a good fit there.  I can see down the road people bemoaning his style but the guy is REALLY tough to beat.

Congrats Derrick! Did Ovince St. Preux win? Thanks. Camp

it was a good week for rodney -- he just got his blue belt from royce on monday

Good job Noble! Great to hear that you won. I hope that you are enjoying your day in the sun. See you back at the gym after well-deserved break.


AWESOME EVENT!!! Great Venue and top notch fights!!!

There was also supposed to be a female fight, who won it.....Sarah Ward-Maloy vs Rosa Colombo?

Thanks Derrick. What does it say about the MMA media that the results of this event were broke by the main event winner? Sheesh.

Anybody got the method and/or time of victory for any of the tournament fights?

fuckin double


This was a great event and one of the best I have been to.

Stark over Araujo- Decision
Britt over Marrero- Decision
Wallace over Millard (Aruba fighter)- Decision
Hale over Nedd (Aruba Fighter)- Decision
O'Vince St Preux over Jonathan Smith- R1 0:40 RNC
Nik Fekete over Brad Peterson- Decision

Wallace vs Stark Wallace wins- R1 Submission
Britt vs Hale Britt wins- Decision
Nik Fekete over St Preux- Decision

Britt vs Wallace Wallace wins- Submission.

Does anyone know the result of the female fight between Sarah Ward-Maloy and Rosa Colombo.....who won and how? Thanks!

Sarah beat Rosa in the 1st with a RNC. Sarah is a very sweet girl, very outgoing and apparently can lay the smack down too (she can also trash talk a little as well...)

I'll also echo what everyone else said, this was a sick card with lots of tough guys. Keep an eye out for Rodney Wallace, he's put together a string of impressive wins and deserves some bigger named shows giving him interest.

I'd also watch Nik Fekete, his wrestling is unreal. Ovince isn't a bad wrestler so for him to pin Ovince to the mat like he did was extremely impressive.

Thanks for the info Sortilege!