Vengeance FC Tournament Still On?

 I have Vengeance FC on my calendar for September 5th.  Is this event still happening?

You may remember this event was booked for June in Aruba and Delayed.  The headliner was Jeff Monson vs. Chase Gormley.

They have Derrick Noble vs Shonie Carter slated as the main event, but there is a VERY interesting 8 man ONE NIGHT 205 tournament with several LHW prospects.  Some good grapplers here, guys like Rodney Wallace, Carmelo Marrero, and Angelo Araujo.  The winner of this is likely due a look from one of the big shows.

I know I know, who cares its not the UFC, but does anyone know what the deal with this show is?


 and if this tournament is indeed on, are the brackets drawn??

The website is not updated from the June card, which frightens me, but according to one of Derrick Noble's posts he seems to be expecting to fight in 2 weeks.

Fabio Maldonaldo is scheduled to fight at Bitetti Combat, so I guess he won't fight in Aruba.

Venom77 - Fabio Maldonaldo is scheduled to fight at Bitetti Combat, so I guess he won't fight in Aruba.

 Well the tournament field I have for September 4th is different then what they had booked for June.

Maldonado, McCoy, Grigsby, and Jimmo are out.

Wallace, Marrero, Britt, Hale and Nedd are in.

Its called Vendetta FC

Ah, gotcha Derrick, it looks like the same group as the cancelled card but they changed their name from Vengeance to Vendetta?  I'm seeing that it will be on Fox Sports South on a delayed basis Oct 1.  It's a pretty wicked one night tournament and of course you and Shonie will be exciting.

Best of luck in your training and fight with Shonie.

Thanks you, Im looking forward to an interesting and exciting fight.

 Different show, same matchmaker.  Matchmaker started his own thing because the old show screwed the fighters by cancelling it on short notice.

In any case, ttt for Mr. International v. the Eraser

 Thanks for clarifying Nick.

This show is overlooked, I'm looking forward to it.

Glad that there are more people looking at this event, this should be a good show!


O'Vince St. Preux and Jonathan Smith (APEX Gym) are fighting for the alternate first. Does anyone have any infomation on Jonathan? We can find any of his stats out there.


i remember that the first show was supposed to be on PPV. anyone here know if it will be offered on PPV?

 It is going to be on Fox Sports South

sorry i should have specified...i meant live. i knew that it would be on FSS during the first week in October.

 ttt....tournament is tomorrow.

For those of you who ask who are the good LHW's outside of Zuffa, here you go.

Whoever wins this tournament is likely to be considered one for sure.

Have the first round match-ups already been set?

I don't know.  As far as I can tell they're not, but information on this event is VERY scarce.

If Todd Duffee or Carmelo Marrero sees this please let us know.

If it actually happens, I think Marrero takes it.

Venom77 - If it actually happens, I think Marrero takes it.

 I'll take Rodney Wallace.  He's a nasty grappler and he can control anyone if one of the big strikers like Britt don't KO him.