As most may have known last year, Brian "dime a dozen" Mcgratton who many felt was the toughest guy in the league, beat a well past his prime Domi. The fairy princess turds went with it, and acted like they were tough, letting it go to their heads, where the Leafs looked weaker than ever. A humbling experience for Leaf nation who was used to bullying the turds around, and wasn't used to that sack of pussy shit team we had last year. well, those days look to be over, and thankfully I might add.

Enter Bad News Brad Brown, who has taken it upon himself to send a message to Brian Mcgratton and the turds, that those days are in the past. For those who dont know, Bad News Brad Brown whooped the supposed top dog enforcer in Mcgratton. Hopefully Bad News Brown has locked up a spot on the leafs defence. we always can use a warrior like that who can play rock solid defence. Just when you thought the Leafs defence couldn't get any better.

Actually it was a good scrap, Brown held his own in a pretty even fight. Managed a small cut on McGratton. Looked like a draw with maybe a slight edge Brown & so far it lokks like most of the online fight sites have it the same way.