Venom: let there be carnage (new trailer)


I love painful transformations like those in werewolf movies. Looks like Carnage first coming out will go through that. Nice


I’m not a comic book nerd, so serious question. Is the comic relief consistent with the comic books? Seems there is a lot in this trailer.

I know Vernon did some good shit to help Spiderman beat Carnage, but the fact their trying to make him a fucken HERO makes my stomach crawl…

Again, trying to make bad guys loveable , seems to be the theme…

Make a fucken movie about Venom doing BAD shit, id watch that… but this type of BS? fuck that…


Venom is an antihero in his own comic books.


I enjoyed the first one, was it the perfect venom depiction? No. Not even close. However it was the best one we’ve had after the train wreck of Spider-Man 3

I really wish Sony would just introduce him into Spider-Man. Hell even in the animated one I’d take. It feels like Sony is losing out on not having a Spider-Man/venom movie.

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They gave us emo spidey though


Spider-man is the funny one in the comics. Venoms a dick and Carnage is psycho but there was comic relief from Spider-Man. They’ve made the Venom Symbiote way more funny than he was in comics same way they did Tony Stark

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The CGI looks a lot better then the shitty ones used in the first one. So thats a big plus

They fucked up by not making both movies R rated


End credit scenes leaked for the movie.

  1. Be careful on the Web If you don’t wanna be spoiled.

  2. Oh boy

I assume it’s coming and that’s one of the reasons the Venom movies are PG.
Spiderman is licensed from Sony to Disney to appear in the Marvelverse.
Venom actually did basically the same box office as Spiderman Homecoming despite having no MCU connection so they’ll Defintiely be interest from both sides.

Looks pretty bad.

First one was a dumpster fire

I don’t know about Woody Harrelson playing Carnage though. Seems like a somewhat odd choice.

LOL @ “Holy shit. It’s a red one.”

Also, that’s racist.

First one was solid