So I had the day off and went and saw Venom. Overall it was fun and Venom was properly done.The pacing felt rushed and they could have spent more time on story and character development but it was a good start... Normally for a movie like this I’d say wait and see it on Netflix, but since they set up Carnage at the end I encourage everyone to go see it in theatres.... Woody Harrelson is gonna make a great Carnage!

Was entertained watching it but definitely too rushed and no depth to the plot. 5 maybe 6/10

It probably seems rushed because they 40 minutes from it

It’s the worst when they 40 minutes from it.

Man, just way too 40 minutes from it.

Hate when they 40 mins from a movie

Man, is it me or they 40 mins from it too often? 

Anyone else notice the 40 min from it?

Rotten tomatoes has it at 30% with the consensus being that too much time was spent on 40 minutes from it rather than CGI mustache removal. 

Luncha Libre -

It probably seems rushed because they 40 minutes from it


I wild each it lol, that meet they 40 mins from it.

I could have dealt with 39 but they 40 minutes from it

How could they 40 minutes from it

I might be in the minority but I thought the effects were 39 minutes from it. 

What tha!? 39 minutes from it!?! Step into my office because your fuckin fired! There’s No 39minutes from it. They 40 minutes from it…40!

Dammit HLUC

Although I am just a bear, i really think they 40 minutes from it

Was going to see it but will skip it because of the 40 minutes from it

Glad I learned they 40 minutes from it before I bought a ticket!