Vera on tv June 12th

not Brandon Vera but his wife Kerry is on the fight girls reality show on the oxygen network......
June 12th 7:30 pacific
here is a link to the website

and Kerrys myspace.....

not even one friggin ttt?

i'll TTT for K.V....

i can't wait to see her kick some female donk...

"not even one friggin ttt?"

maybe if it wasn't so misleading...

misleading why? Vera is on tv June 12th? and Brandon does make an appearance.....

ttt for Kerry. i used to train with her .she is gonna win that shit easily. just awaiting her mma debut. thats gonna be exciting.


LOL.. are you kidding me? a RUDE5321 post? You know it has to be something very good and worthwhile if that dude is posting. I am very suprised he remembers his password.

Did she lose some weight?

Wasn't she a little bigger when she ran into the octagon?


hey SD CArtel i want a blue name :(

In that red hat he sort of looks like mix of a young Vin Diesel and Kellen Winslow Jr.

SDCARTEL I heard you have frosaken both east county and south bay? whats the deal?

rude5321, you queer, call me! I already ttt your thread! what are you waiting for, christmas?


capthook def deserves a bluename..consider it done my native brother.

I am currently typing from the depths of the east county my fren. I have indeed, turned my back on the Southtown.

Great fights~!!

Meriam Yamamoto looked good during her fight as well.

**I saw the fights live in Phuket Thailand

haha. what are you talkin about . but Rude is a southtown boi.

wiating for SD cartel to get me a blue name**