Vera & Swick bring the Romo gold

Bluenamer please be so kind!!!




the one of Vera is good.



My God, Mike "The Machinist" Swick

He has always looked frail, drawn out, and sunkin in at 170, I hope his health is OK now and in the future. Always gonna support Kid Lion.

Wouldn't mind seeing him with more meat on his bones back at 185 against almost anyone other than Anderson or Marquardt.

Quarry, Creuder, Kang, Belcher, Sexyama, I think him and Bisping would be a good scrap.

OR Finally getting that rematch with Leben.

lessthanzero - OR Finally getting that rematch with Leben.



fucking excellent rll

Fantastic RLL!

C'mon UG, where are the romos? That Vera pic can't go to waste.

Really, UG? Nothing???

Swick is coming to the realization that he will never hold a belt, so he might go back up to 185lbs

i swear swick looks like one of those freaky deaky monsters from Resident Evil or Blade 2

You should put a can of spinach in swick's hand for the popeye one.

i hope this takes off. those are pretty good.

You have really let me down UG. :-(