Vera v franklin ?

Who ya got ?

(cre , please do not post up pics or vids of either fighter , as that is annoying now) !


ahhhhh, tough one and good fight!!! I think franklin has better hands and vera better kicks. I give a slight edge to franklin

This would be a great fight. I'd have to go with Franklin by unanimous decision. Both are excellent strikers and grapplers so the fight would probably be close.

can we get past randy vs vera first?


 That one had better be free..........


Vera is better than people have been giving him credit for. He beats Franklin IMO.

If Vera fought most of the fight in a conventional stance then Franklin easily. But if Vera fought south paw then it would be really close.

All of franklin's losses are to southpaws. This is due to the weird angles he creates against conventional fighters.

Depends which fight the judges are watching.