Not a robbery. Vera was hurt 4 or 5 times during the fight. JCC was not hurt at all.

stonepony - Damn... I missed another boring corrupt boxing decision?

It was actually a pretty damn good fight. Not your famous one round cardio swinging for the fences like elementary students crap.

Btw, vera did not gett robbed. He was just being aggressive while chavez landed all the significant strikes Phone Post

Stache - Jr is an embarrassment to his last name. He came into the fight out of shape, got outworked all night and whined like a little girl that Vera was cheating. He comes across as an entitled brat.

I'm sure that 2.5 million check made him feel lil bit better Phone Post

stonepony - Damn... I missed another boring corrupt boxing decision?
Wasn't boring. Phone Post 3.0

I didn't get to watch the fight. Some of you guys probably didn't know that Leonard Garcia and Bryan Vera are brothers. Just thought some of you might find that interesting. Phone Post 3.0

didn't see the fight, but my twitter feed was going ape shit last night at the decision.

I thought it was fairly close and didn't have a problem with either guy walking away with the W. However, 98-92 is pretty unreal. I'm curious to hear what the justification was. Phone Post 3.0

The Mouth - More damage?

Did you bother to look at their faces post fight?

You're out of your mind. Phone Post


Still. Phone Post

Take a look at that judge. What is she watching if not the fight?