Verdict on Kiefer Sutherland as Snake?

I personally hate it and I really gave him a chance.

David Hayter IS Snake. Sutherland's voice isn't even deep enough for someone of Big Boss' size. It'll likely be the only part of Phantom Pain that I won't like.

David hatyter is snake, I have no problems with Sutherland as big boss. Truth be told he sound pretty good Phone Post 3.0

unfitting, should of kept hayter, Japanese voice is the same, hell he voiced japan only talking solid snake sword in revengeance

Kojima might just be getting too big for his britches. He couldn't pass up putting a big American actor in his game. Phone Post 3.0

Have not played GZ yet but i expect it to be weird to not hear Hayter when BB talks. Dont understand why they wouldnt give Hayter the job, he made that character.

I'm not crazy about it but I trust Hideo Phone Post 3.0

I havnt gotten to play it yet but hayter is the voice and I doubt I will like it, I think I read somewhere that hayter said some disparaging things about hideo about something... I cant remember the details, either way I'm not sure if that's why he didn't do the voice but it might be Phone Post 3.0