Vericocele surgery,.. anyone get one?

For those of you that don't know, vericoceles are enlarged veins in your nuts that increase the temperature of your balls, lowering your sperm count and testosterone. It looks like a small brain in your nuts basically. About 1 in 10 guys have them.

I'm slated to have the surgery (embolization) to correct the problem. Anyone else been through this before? I'm a little nervous about a doctor putting a catheter in my nuts but apparently it's a low-risk surgery, and for me the potential benefits are worth it.

My brother needs to get this done. Scary thought

Yeah I'm super nervous. It's giving me quite a bit of anxiety at the moment, even though the surgery is 3 months away.

no. but i once had a large pearly penile papule that was not easy to get rid of.

i had the surgery

they put me out.....was in and out of the center in a couple of hours

sperm motility improved greatly over the next few months

and my left nut no longer feels like a bag of worms or a small's a regular relieved


it does leave an incision scar of about 2 inches right at the top of my pubes, below the belt line.......wish i treated it with vitamin E or something to minimize the scarring

otherwise no big deal anyway