Vernon: no Raul

According to Raul Marquez and some press reports, Vernon Forrest's team has rejected him as an opponent for Forrest's March comeback fight on HBO. Al Heyman, the advisor for Forrest, wants Robert "Pushup" Frazier or Angel Hernandez as the opponent instead. IMO Team Forrest is being too cautious. I think Vernon should fight a Raul Marquez or a Carlos Bojorquez instead of Frazier or Hernandez. Hernandez has lost to Winky, Candelo, and Ouma recently.

I would never want to see Forrest doing his jab and grab against some Journeyman. Waste of time.

Marquez has become one of the more annoying fighters in the sport here recently.

That being said Vernon need not waste his time with guys like Robert Frazier. But hey if Winky can fight for a title against the guy why not let Vernon get a soft touch against him? Just don't expect HBO to approve it.

Vernon should ask HBO for Mosley again. He seems to have his # and is the best payday for him other than DLH. HE and Shane's wife could get into a verbal brawl and HBO could build up the angle of revenge. I doubt HBO gives him a big payday after 2 losses in a row.