Vernon White in surgery

Just wanted to let everyone know that at 10:30 this morning Vernon went into surgery to repair his orbital bone. If anyone has a message to send to him feel free to post here, I will pass them along providing that he survives.

"The owl flies at midnight; the vole is absent"


You get no poetry from me - but get well soon!

Seems like broken orbital bones are becoming one of the most common injuries in MMA.

I didn't realize they required surgery to heal up though.

ttt for a speedy recovery!

I have 3 titanium plates around my orbital and 1 plastic plate under my cheekbone courtesy of my last fight. 3 months rest after surgery and it was good as new.

"Muaythaidaddy" is that from?

Ask him how a thumb shatters an orbital bone.

Classy post, linkage. ;P

Pass on my best wishes for a swift & complete recovery,waller. I hope to see him back in the Octogon as soon as he is ready.

Quick recovery dude!

Ask him to get the excuse reflex taken care of while he is in there. Besides that I wish him a safe procedure and speedy recovery.

Best wishes for a fast recovery!


I guess this is what happens when you use the phrases "Chuck Liddell and Turtle" in the same sentence.

But seriously, speedy recovery....


I wish the guy the best. I watched Pancrase tapes with him while half of this forum were still learning how to jerk off. I just think he needs to take the chip out of his shoulder.

I second what AliGJr said. Please let him know.

Linkage actually that's what the surgery is for, to remove the chip. Best of Luck Tiger, recoop and come back, hopefully in the 185 class.

I wish him a speedy and complete recovery!


Best wishes to Vernon!

Any updates on how he's doing? Get well soon, Vernon!