Whereever you may come out at the end of this post, all I ask it that you read it in its entirety and respond respectfully.

Its a bit long so if you don't want to read please bump it up, trust me its worth it.

Many of you may have read a thread I posted titled "Help me stop rape." To spare you all a lengthy reiteration, the bottom line is that I have been asked to speak in April before a conference composed of representatives from vaious anti-violence/rape on women groups, and lobbyists with similar agendas. They contacted me intially b/c I had taken it upon myseld to post links to their sites on my own website ( and hey didn't want to be affiliated with the "brutality" of MMA. Long story short, I turnd her into an informed fan of MMA and was invited to try and do the same to these various groups. They also invited me to set up a booth where I will be permitted to see or give away merchandise or gear.

I don't think I need to explain the significance of this all to MMA. If I can get these groups to see MMA as a legitimate sport and one that may be useful to women who are interested in self defense then that is one HUGE step for MMA. Remember, many of the grups who will be at the seminar are national lobbyists, that means they try and influence government for their living! In other words, these people are interested in working with the MMA community and sent me a handwritten letter to that effect.

Here's where I need some help or advice. I plan on arranging a 4 hr. self defense seminar for women about two weeks after the conference. The focus of the seminar will be escape from, and avoidance of potentially dangerous situations. Again, ESCAPE and AVOIDANCE...we're don't want these woman to try and close the distance and clinch with their attacker!

Debi Purcell, one of the top females in MMA has volunteered to conduct the seminar for free. Hres the problem, I need to find a way to sponsor he trip. I expect I will need to raise at least $500.00 to get her out here and put her up. I invite (and beg!!) any corporate or otherwise business sponsors to donate whatever they can, in terms of gear or money.

Here's my main idea though. Last night I spoke with Matt Lindland and he is sending me some MMA gloves and a few t-shirts, all signed by him and Randy. Maybe a few other items as well. In order to help raise money to sponsor Debi's rip out here I was thinking of either putting the items up for auction on ebay or alternatively, holding some sort of a raffle whereby individuals would purchase a raffle ticket for $10.oo and the first number picked would get the gloves and the others would get the shirts (not sure how many he's sending yet). Don't worry, if i choose the raffle i will ake it work smoothly and fairly.

Two last points, I can have Matt or Randy come on here and verify that they are signing this gear and sending it to me for the reason I explained above. Second, I guarentee 100% that this will be done fairly and that EVERY cent will go to getting Debi out here for the seminar and any excess will go to the cost of renting a booth at the conference (which I plan to pay for myself). Lastly, I am willing to verify everything in this post in any way that is suggested. I will post all records if necessary and can prove that all gear is genuine and segned by TGFC.

If you made it this far then you care both about fighting sexual assault and about MMA. For that I thank you. I welcome all sugestions or interest either by way of email at, or by posting here on this thread. All respectful and relevant suggestions are encouraged.

Thank you for your time and in advance for your support of this cause,


I think you are on the right track with the raffle.

Ebay may bring in some money, but the folks on the UG would probably jump at a $10 chance on those gloves.

I would.

Good luck and I'll try to come up with some good ideas for ya!

I will have a paypal account set up by Monday. Any donation of at least $10 gets one enry into the raffle. I am in the process of figuring out a way to assign donators a number and I will choose the winners when all donations are in, or when we meet out goal, whichever comes later.

Any suggestions are welcome.


Sounds like a great idea to me. Now I just have to sort out my bloody paypal account!

Now we're talking! I've got paypal!

Thanks a lot for the support guys. I just spoke to Debi today and we are both really psyched about this. Complete details should be here within a week, like i sais i wanna wait for everything to actually be in my hands before I post that it will be availible.