Very important question

When drinking rum and coke, what is the preferred type of rum?

I only ask because I used to be a Captain man, until I found this thing called Sailor Jerry's. Now I can't drink anything else.

rip man

Mix it up.

sometimes drink Sailor Jerrys sometimes go Captain.

SJ is stronger iirc...

if you talking rum&coke before bed or with your lunch just Attn the thread to me.


Billy is a PARTY ANIMAL!

Flor de Cana from Nicaragua or Ron Zacoa 23 years. Ron is great on the rocks

The whole point when mixing alcohol with soda or juice is, it no longer matters what the hell brand of alcohol you use, so just use the cheapest. Do you mix single malt scotch with anything? Do you mix fine wine with 7-up? I think not.

Buy yourself some cheap Bacardi or generic store brand rum and be done with it.