Very Powerfull Crappy Team

I was wondering who would comprise a 5 person team of supers that has the most possible power while still being completely ineffective. I need to think before I put up any answers.
Rules: Must be all heros or all villains on a given team.
Molicule man might be a good start

The Leader (gamma irradiated Hulk enemy) - according to the Marvel game, he had intelligence near that of Doom and Reed Richards, but he kept losing to the BRAINLESS FUCKING HULK :-P

That's like Stephen Hawking losing to Mike Tyson in a Math-letes competition....

Bad Guys - The Leader, Shimmer, Molecule Man, the Abomination, the Purple Man, Mr. Mxylplyx and the Composite Superman.

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LOL @ taba............ he is sooooooooooo right.

lol, that is the best geekjoke I've read for like a month

Shit I don't think that I can come up with an answer that even comes close to taba

Yeah, taba wins the thread IMO

doffs wizard hat to taba

LOL @ "That's like Stephen Hawking losing to Mike Tyson in a Math-letes competition...."

taba by quintuple endless hand-wringing.

Honorable mention: Ted Bennett

Sentry, Moonknight, Drax (back when he was stupid), all I can think of.