Vets who served in Afghanistan

I’d like to hear your thoughts, on the war in general as fought in Afghanistan, on pulling out, and on how the final days went (the final evacuation execution and planning)

Also, please add, if you don’t mind, the capacity in which you served and what years.

I went there, but I was a helicopter mechanic. We got mortared daily and bombed about once a month. I think the whole thing was handled terribly. Should have gotten everyone out first and then pulled the equipment we could and then blow up everything else we couldn’t.


We should’ve relied more on direct action; killing/capturing HVTs rather than dumping exorbitant amounts of resources to “nation building” and the COIN strategy.


My brother in law is a LTC in the Army and did two deployments there. He is still active duty. We have been talking back and forth during this whole evac mess. He is all kinds of disappointed.

He says he thinks senior leadership new full well the Afghan army would cut and run quick with no US troops support, and thinks plans should have been laid out accordingly.

But mostly he is depressed and disappointed. He has been a proponent of leaving, even since before Trump.

I appreciate you guys that served over there chiming in, and hope you don’t think it was all for nothing.

I spent a year working at the Bagram Theater Internment Facility. The BTIF was the prison on Bagram Air Field. Hands on prisioners daily. They hated us, they hated every single thing we stood for and tried constantly to cause trouble and violence. It’s my personal belief that Afghanistan can’t be “fixed.” The Taliban are willing to kill and die for their beliefs, the rest of the country isn’t. Their soldiers were useless and were only there for a check. The Taliban will be in power permanently and no outside influence will change that.
My hope is that the freedom that we showed the people will be enough for them to resist the taliban eventually and make their own changes. It won’t happen but it’s my hope.

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I did two tours. If I take a big picture look at the war, we accomplished our initial mission of removing the Taliban from power and eliminated OBL. We should have left then. Once they made our mission of trying to bring democracy to Afghanistan, it was never going to work. As Crashdt said, everyone over there could see most of the ANA were only there for a pay check. They would fold. It sucks to see the areas you were in, now gone and controlled by the Taliban, so I try not to think of it like that.

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