VFC Question

Any word on when the next show will be? Will Ireland be fighting Zo or is Ireland not fighting with VFC anymore?

Victory Jay puts on great shows and I hope the casino gets their arses in gear more than last time.

There is a VFC in North Platte on May 13th.

From what I understand this is a show for up and comers

There is also another VFC on the May 20th in Council Bluffs.

I am going to try and get into one of these shows - but my wife will be giving birth about that time...

Upcoming VFC's will be:

VFC 13: Saturday May 13th - D&N Events Center, North Platte NE. -
Looking at a rematch between Alonzo Martinez and Luke "lil Hulk"

VFC 14: Saturday May 20th - Chez Perez Event Center, Carter Lake IA.
- Ryan Jensen will defend his Middleweight title against #1 contender
Rob Kimmons.

Spoke to Ireland today, He is about to make the move to the bigger
events. He would love to continue to fight for the VFC, but it looks as
though his schedule will make it diffucult for him to consistantly
defend a title.

I will be at both fights!!!!

kimmons. hmmmmmm interesting matchup. Ive learned to never underestimate Rob. Glad to see him get some good opportunities.

VFC in Carter Lake....I love it. I can walk home after getting drunk and watching some kick ass fights.

Is Zo and Caudillo for the belt?

You rock Jay!!!!

Undetermined at this point. If Ireland wins against Danzig this
weekend, most likely he will be locked into that production.

Caudillo was Martinez's first pro opponent, and has since captures ROF
titles and progressed greatly over the years. Seeing these two go at it
again after three years of maturity will be a barnburner!

Wow new location. I've never heard of that place in Carter Lake before.

I wanted to see Danny A vs Kimmons. That would have been a great fight.........

I remember that fight - that was the event that Ireland won the tournament against Kendrick...

ol school

I fought in front of Luke Caudillo last weekend at the IFC - we both fought guys from Fort Dodge and we both won by submission -

I was kinda making fun of him for winning so quickly - and by submission...I was thinking after watchin him that I was glad I didnt have to fight him.

Luke looked REALLY impressive. I mean he is just so fast...Zo on the other hand is pretty fucking fast too...

This matchup has BLOOD and GUTS written all over it. Have the stitches ready! I have to pick Zo on this one even though I really like Luke...

VJ i am always looking for fights too.


Brown Pit - Email me your info. Dunn has an event on the 24th of this
month. If you are able to get on that, I will be able to see you


BTW - I think its time to give props to Ireland

Justin James is one of the toughest 155 fighters I have sparred with and Ireland dealt with him pretty well.

Props to the man

Good luck in the future

ttt for the vfc!

why the new location?

The casino was brutal, I thought. People standing and sitting on the floor. No beer. Harrah's failed miserably. If Harrah's could get their act together it would be cool to go back.

The Chez Parez is the old Budget Auto Glass building right on Locust St as you turn off of Abbott Dr. Dickie Ryan has promoted some boxing events there.

How is Justin doing? Will he fight again and it will it be at 70 instead of 55?

Where are the fights at on the 24th for AFC? Anyone know the card and how to get tix.

Justin recently lost his mother ...
I am not close to him but I can only imagine that he took that pretty hard.

jay fill me in