VFC Question

I think Rob Kimmons gets his shot at the VFC 185 belt against Jensen. He deserves it after beating both Brian Green and Darin Brudigan.

As far as Rob and me and him fighting, I'm trying to avoid the 185lbs weight class and move down to 170lbs. It's been slow getting down in weight, but I've been down to 182lbs without using a sauna. I've also been trying to get on Dunn's card on the 24th now for a while to fight at 175 for the first time. No luck so far with one guy dropping out.

Jenson vs. Rob K.


smart money is on Ryan

thats where mine is!

Hay I just called you aswer your phone!

"thats where mine is!"

that's why I said Yiiiiks

im with my father in law

i am working with his pictures and talking to him in lithuanian....i wasnt going to answer the phone

Oh sorry

well the AFC of course

its next week...sokol south

who did u learn judo under?