VFC results

ttt for results?


ttt for some results.

I heard kendrick, justin, jason, and zo all won.

Dustin Mylarnik def Justin Kretzer Submission(Triangle Choke) 1:18 Rnd 1

Mike Whitehead def Matt Bear Submisson (strikes) 0:54 Rnd 2

Danny Anderson def Darin Brudigan Submission(RNC) 4:27 Rnd 2

Kendrick Johnson def Nick Wright Submisson(RNC) 2:02 Rnd 1

Alonzo Martinez def Jake Hutson KO 0:36 Rnd 2

Mark Bear def Jason Medina Submisson (strikes) 2:47 Rnd 1

Justin James def John Strawn Submisson (Armbar) 1:00 Rnd 1

Jason Brilz def Jerry Spiegel KO 4:30 Rnd 2

Great show.

Brilz wins by 2nd round ref stoppage @ 2.5 minutes, now is VFC Light Heavyweight champion! Brilz did what he always does, clinch, takedown, side mount, knee and elbow, devistation, pain. By the second round Jerry was bleeding pretty good and out of gas. Brilz got side mount and kneed and elbowed him into oblivion... AWESOME FIGHT!!!

James wins by 1st round arm bar from the guard at @ 2 minutes, now is VFC middleweight champion! Didn't last long, they clinched, James got taken down, then pulled a classic straight arm bar from the guard!

Alonzo Martinez by 2nd round KO at @ 1 minute. It was one of the more brutal KO's I've seen and Hutson didn't move until after at least a minute. Zo knocked him out with one punch, then got in a few more before the ref got there. Pretty scary!!

Kendrick Johnson by 1st round tapout from strikes at @ 3 minutes. Overmatched and underexperienced opponent, went down, Kendrick got his back and started teeing off....

Mike Whitehead by 2nd round ref stoppage/tapout. Whitehead started off with a huge slam, side mount, knee to belly, lots of punches and elbows. Wasn't sure if it was a tap of the ref, but Bear was bleeding badly so it was a good stoppage either way.

Mark Bear by 1st round tapout from strikes. Bear looked sharp and dangerous from the opening bell, landing alot of kicks high and low. He landed a crushing knee to the ribs that had Medina wincing, dropping, and tapping instantly. My friend Scott said that he heard Medina say backstage that this was his last fight, so I think he got jacked up pretty good...

Danny Anderson by 2nd round rear naked choke. 1st round brought alot of clinching, knees to the body, fighting for underhooks, not alot of big punches, close round. 2nd round Danny got the takedown and got the full mount, threw some strikes, got his back, sank the rear naked.

I'll thin of the others, but those were the big ones... :-)


I also talked a little with Danny Anderson, who just happened to be at Harrah's buffet after the fights!

It was a KICK ASS NIGHT!!!

The Jake Hutson/Alonzo Martinez fight was the fight of the night IMHO!!

Martinez knocked Hutson the FUCK OUT and into NEXT WEEK!!

Hutson literally was out cold for over a minute straight and it was a little scary!!

I was LITERALLY ringside and saw it up close man, and it wasn't pretty...

Zo knocked him out with the 1st punch and then got in a few more before the ref stopped it!

Hutson needed 2 people to help him out of the ring he was so out of it...


Yeah, he pretty much dominated the fight from the opening bell!

He had Hutson in all kinds of trouble early and often.

At the end of the 2nd round Zo was unscathed and hardly breathing, and his opponent was hurtin'.

If this is his B game, then I'd hate to be his opponent when he brings his A game... :-)

TTT that Sykoaktiv!

It's the curse of the Christ shorts!!

I definitely see the correlation between fighters who find God and then fight like they're in a hurry to meet him.... :-)

great night of fights, the VFC is awesome. it appeared as if someone was taping the show, hopefully for release. i suggest that if it does indeed go on sale, to start purchasing these events. some very good fighters have entered this cage. whitehead looked monstrous, so was alonzo. mark bear was sharp as hell. i wish he fought more. of course blilz is a force and my lil buddy danny can scrap.

Congrats to all the winners.

Was an honor ot be a part of a show like this... Even if I never get a chance to be in another VFC I owe John and Jay my first shot at the big time... I will say this much... B P S and Spencer Fisher called my cell after the fight... please remember that Fisher is going down to 155.... you know what that means VFC fans !!!!!!!

Ill see you with mic in hand the 19th in Des Moines at Val Air for the XKK...

Until then thanks to everyone that showed support to me tonight.... that means a shitload to me...


Great show, as always!

"I want to see BEAR VS FISHER in the next VFC. I think that would be a war"

Can Bear make 155lbs.? Spencer just fought at 160 in the IFC....Joe Jordan

yea i knew it... ZO DIDDY IS BACK... WATCH OUT!!!

If Spencer is reliquishing the belt, then Josh Neer deserves first crack IMHO.

I saw them fight live and I still say that Neer won that fight, thought it was close!

As far as I'm concerned Neer already is the champ, they just need to make it official.... :-)

TTT 4 the VFCs!

ttt for Josh Neer

we shoulda went joe