VFF Trek Sport

want to try this....anybody know where to get?

Will it make me GHEY?

Any experiences?

Mahalos you nature loving,granola ROMOS!

any station, any station, how copy over?


was it because i called you nature loving, granola romos?

nobody tried or knows where they sell here?

George Takei approves of you and anything with the word Trek Phone Post


I got the KSO and Komodo Sport. Mostly used for CFit type workouts. I like them both with a slight preference towards the Komodo for its sole. If you are looking to try them on, Uyeda shoe store across Puck's Alley where TeamHK has its dojo carries various styles. The Wheatgrass store off Waialae on Center St is also supposed to have some but I've never been there. www.citysports.com and rei.com carry a few styles.

If you are looking for a minimal/barefoot type shoe the NB Minimus and some Merrell shoes (I saw a couple at the NEX) are going in that direction.

I think the main benefits for me were that I could feel the lower calves, ankles and entire foot 'working'. Hope this helps.

for grip reasons you think this type of shoe better for mountain running?

Mahalo Fya Man!......If we ever meet I'll buy you some granola and a cup of wheatgrass-ass juice!

FC - I don't do any trail running but I've read that you need to work up to running with the Fivefingers. If a gun were held to my head and I had to run off road, I'd prob look at the Merrells or one of the brands that have a thinner sole with trail type treads.

Sarge - I'm more of a cheeseburger 'n fries guy. Just wear the shoes to look cool. First guy I saw wear them was Sam Mahi during a stand up self defense class. Thought about teasing him in my head, got submitted in my mind and kept my mouth shut.

Side note: after using the KSO for about a year, when we go mountain climbing to chase a brush fire, I can feel my lower calves, ankles and feet feel better in my Magnum boots. I think it's due to working out in the Fivefingers.


Indeed, if you gonna tease Sam,do so in your head!

I'll check some out.....I need all the help I can get when I put on my Danners Ft Lewis and moto-rolla my ass up and over rough terrain :(