Vic BJJ results?

Hi all,

Does anyone have any results from todays Vic BJJ titles?

Thanks in advance,



The best I can do is:

Mark Brown Gold - white belt 85 - 91kg

U79 Brown belt
Darren McKean - Gold
Me - Silver
Craig Robinson - Bronze

U79 Brown belt master
Me - Gold
Ivan Rakitic(sp?)- Silver
Craig Robinson - Bronze

Mick Wilson won 2 gold I think in the purple belt div.

That's about it...sorry


Big Sam won a gold and a silver or two golds, Ola won 2 golds and a silver, ninja chris won 2 medals, not sure what. I think Steph picked up a silver or gold.
That's all I know, all novice from GZ

Chris picked up a bronze too, not sure what division, masters I'm guessing.
And how the hell is Sam under 97kgs? That's just scary. Hope that shuts the "he's just too big" talk.

hey Sammy,
can you email me the details of that new judo club if it's going ahead.
Cheers man
Oh, and congrats, it's about time you got the blue.
very overdue IMO