vice city cheats killed my game

I was like halfway through Vice city for Xbox and today the game won't load (it would get to the load game screen and then just stop). I had to delete all of my saved games and it works fine now, but the only thing i can figure out is that entering cheat codes caused the problem.

anybody else had this problem, or can think of a reason besides cheat codes that caused this?

Regular codes like weapons and such are ok. But when you hack and cause cars to spawn out of think air and such then the game gives you a warning when you go to save. If you save with those codes on then you are up the creek.

Also saving your game at the cherry popper store has also been known to screw up your game.

I would hope they've fixed the Cherry Popper bug for the XBox version. It was pretty well-known on the PS2.

I always have two save files and alternate saving in each, if a game will let me do that. This way, any corruption should only screw you up for one session's worth of work.

it looks much better, though.