Vicious Street Attack

Hello Everyone,

I am writing this post to inform everyone of the most vicious attack on another human being I have ever heard of in my 35 years of life.
I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario and the beating took place 5 blocks from my home.

A 17 year old youth was walking home at 3:00 in the morning from a house party when he encountered an 18 and 17 year old walking towards him. Words were exchanged and the 17 year old hit the lone youth with a sucker punch that dropped him. The 18 year old then proceeded to kick the downed youth over 100 times. This is not a misprint, over 100 times!! Now for the vicious part.

As a result of the beating, the youth that was repeatedly kicked is still in the hospital fighting for his life( it took place 1 week ago), his face is so swollen they are not sure the extent of his injuries, he was leaking brain matter from his eye socket, and they also gave him a "curbie". This is when the person is down and out, they drag you to the curb, put your face across the curb,and step on your head. As a result of this he has lost all his teeth. To finish, they then urinated in his mouth.

This has deeply affected me, and I hope it will you. We all have a hard battle ahead of us to keep ourselves safe, to protect our loved ones, and to help educate people about the unpredictable society we live in.

Please keep this young man in your prayers, and I hope everyone as a great, safe Christmas!

Rich Beaupit

people like this make me sick, they have
no sense of empathy or respect for other
humans, or any creature for that matter.
how perfect it would have been if someone
might've stumbled upon this scene and killed
the two scumbags before they could've inflicted
the more serious wounds.

Every so often I stumble and wonder "What the hell I'm doing dreaming up so many ways to hurt another person [in defense of myself]"...

...and every so often something happens in the real world that reminds me why I spend so much time training and teaching.


The only beef I have with your post is
that you called those animals "people".
May their road to hell be a slow and
painful one. I will pray for the young

Honor & Glory


My condolences. It only takes one time to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. That reality alone is my fear. My prayers ae offered.

My prayers to the young man and family. My only question is why was a 17 year old out at 3:00 in the morning coming home from a party. Hind sight is 20/ 20 But, That seems very late to me for a 17 year old to be out. Later T.C. p.s. maybe I'm just old fashion

Let's focus on what happened and reflect on my original post.

What are people capable of? Can you trust the mercy of the opponent? DOes your training prepare you to walk, talk or fight to safety? How far will you go to defend yourself? What level of intensity does this type of opponent bring to the party? And does your Karate Kid stance :-) address the RAGE ATTACK?

THis could be a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time or the victim could've provoked it...I'd rather not personalize it for the moment, I'm only focusing on whether my tactics and the research and drills will help one of my students or affiliates deal with psychos like these...


Tony, The answer to your question is yes! You provide all the tools for anyone to keep themself and/or there loved ones safe they just have to listen and apply! Later T.C, p.s. Thank's for all your effort!

god, i cant believe that. Some of you may remember a post i made about a year ago. well 2 people, (1 guy and 1 girl) i worked with where driving home from a party at around 2:00am. The streets where almost empty when a car full of guys(4 of them) came flying down the road and started cutting them of and trying to run them off the road. well the guy who was driving pulled over and so did the other car, at that time the 4 guys jump out of the car with baseball bats. my co workers quickly pulled away. Then the men started chasing them again, so they went back to the party. When they got there, the girl jumped out and ran towards the house. As the guy got out 2 of the men began beating him. which caused 25 stitches to the back off his head. thank fully the girl got help and as 8-10 came running out of the party to help. the men jumped in there car and speed off. No one was ever caught!

Its a crazy world out there. After that incident and some of Tony's taped that i have listen to, i have changed the way i look at things, and even changed the way i walk down the street.
Thank god for people like Tony! if only there where 100 of you!



My prayers are also with the victim &
for justice for the predators that attacked him.

Here's a quote Tony's first post here brought to my mind:

"How ironic that it was, I thought, that among the few gifts which I might possess, those few things which might distinguish me among other men, were such as are commonly associated with destructiveness. Of what value is it, I asked myself, to have certain talents? Of what dreadful value are such skills? Then I reminded myself that such skills are often of great use and that culture, with its glories of art, and music and literature, can flourish only within the perimeters of their employments. Perhaps there is then a role for the lonely fellows on the wall, for the border guards, for the garrisons of far-flung outposts, for the guardsmen in the city treading their lonely rounds. All these, too, in their humble, unnoticed way, serve. Without them the glory is not possible. Without them even their critics could not exist. - John Norman"

How sad that his occurs during this most blessed of seasons -
I guess it highlights the reason He had to come,....

God's Blessings on all of you, and the ones you love, this Christmas and throughout the coming New Year!


Id like to f***in get a hold of them...and yes Tom, like me, your old fashioned in the MTV/Pepsi Era where things like that dont matter much to alot of people...

so many reasons why I want my loved ones to study Tony, and that I wish I could get my LE friends to go to a seminar or school with Tony

i would like just 15sec with these cowards.they are no better than these chicken shit terrorists that infest our world.i ,like tom and matt will stick to my old fashioned values.we will keep the family in our prayers.


My prayers go out to this young man.

Tom, Matt, Jim...if it's any consolation, I agree with
you...and I'm 23. Some of those old-fashioned values
are still hanging around with us whippersnappers (of
course, some of my friends accuse me of being old for
my age...)

Everyone, have a safe holiday.


I'm 21 and I still have the old fashion values
as well. Many don't have them but some still do.

well brothers, regardless of age there are many common themes amongst us here on the ME, PDR team and TCMS students....there is a reason we are all here sharing!!


My thoughts are also with that young man. One great piece of advice for everyone, "Nothing good happens after midnight." I've heard that from a lot of people.

Last week in Wichita, KS five young people (in their mid 20's) were kidnapped from their home (three men and two women) and taken to at least two ATMs where they were forced to withdraw cash. They were then taken to a soccer field outside of town. Keep in mind it is very cold in KS right now and there is some snow. The two women were raped. Four of them were forced to kneel and were shot in the back of the head and killed. I don't know if the other women was shot or not, but she survived somehow and walked one mile in the freezing temps and snow at 2:30 AM to a house where the occupants called 911. Two males are in custody. IMO they should get the death penalty if they are found guilty.

It's those situations where you are helpless that scare me. I need to get TB's material.