"Viciousness" is back in Rampage..

According to head coach John "Juanito" Ibarra.

Check out his exclusive interview with InsideFighting.com right now.



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I doubt it

We'll see on Saturday

How you look in training sometimes plays no role in how you'll perform in the fight, though.

With that said, I hope the old Rampage is back. But Eastman will be a good litmus test for Rampage. After having been brutally destroyed by Chute Boxe, he hasn't faced a dangerous striker since.

He's probably my favorite fighter interviewee ever so am looking forward to seeing Rogan interview him after a victory.

"Eva get yo' ass kicked by a black man befo'? It hurts!"


A noun
1 ferociousness, brutality, viciousness, savageness, savagery"

Good article, but do we need more racist threads on the UG?

to be honest I wish Marvin beats the crap out of Rampage


i honestly think he should make a statement and try to throw Eastman wholly from the octagon, only Tank came close before!


ttt for the old Rampage!

tearin shit up!

looking forward to this fight. hope to see a big Rampage slam or 2

thanks for the link


Is he still married? I saw a picture of him in a fur coat with three white women on his arms out side a club. He sure doesnt look married anymore.

I especially don't like Latinos.

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