Victor Valimaki

1st rd TKO loss. Damn. I guess he has the Day/Hollett winner next before another UFC invite.

Tough luck, didn't see the fight. But Victor's still young and he will be back.

Sorry MTG.

stay off the forums

Fuck stick! hahaha Classic!

I was mad about this post too, but my twin brother Gonzaga made my day!

"but my twin brother Gonzaga made my day!"

LMAO Rod, we were sitting here watching the fights and I said to my buddy that a guy I knew could be Gonzaga's twin and ironically he's also a BJJ black belt. I showed him the pics I had of us from TKO 15 and I couldn't convince this guy otherwise that the guy in the pic wasn't Gonzaga (only uglier)



haha, i couldnt help but think Gonzaga reminded me of someone...

No kidding! maybe Munduruca can use Gonzaga's new found fame to get vagine!

Hey man, Brianne and I were watching the fights and we were both like holy shit I wonder if they are related somehow lol!!

LOL at what KcKyote said.

Everyone here knows Rodrigo is a PEEEIIIMP

U guys kill me! Tim ya big fack!

Whats up man? Fighting any time soon?

May 25 in Winnipeg.

Good luck bro although you probably don't need it ha ha.


U can actually watch the fight here.