Victorian Club Email Details

Hi all,

I am organising an email to send out to Victorian BJJ/ Grappling clubs with details of upcoming events organised by Extreme Jiu-Jitsu & Grappling.

The email addresses I have sourced from club websites are:
The AFBJJ - ;

Dominance Jiu Jitsu ;

Ground Zero -

I could not find details for:

Ben Hall
Hangar 4

If any representatives of these schools, or if other schools wish to receive info, or amend the above email details, please post a contact email address or email me on


Chris Shen
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Chris said:
"details of upcoming events organised by Extreme Jiu-Jitsu & Grappling."

Feel free to post the details of the events here for all to see Chris! Comps or seminars?

Hey Chris,

feel free to include my email address in any list you're developing as I manage the OzGrapple Calendar where I endeavour to list details of all non-professional Grappling-related competition events held in Australia (see the link at the Australasia Forum home page).



Hey Chris,

Try for Tyrone at hangar 4.



Chris, you can contact me on:

Ben Hall.

Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Thanks guys.

The following Victorian clubs/contacts have mail:,,,,,,

If anyone else wants to be added to my update email-outs, please post here or email me on



Hi Chris not that we are really a club but more just a group of guys who get together. We had a few guys in the last Shooto C Class fights and had some for this one but unfortanly i think we were the only guys entered. We would love to hear of any up and coming events.

Hi Keats,

You have email.

Yeah, the response to the Shooto C Class tournamanet this weekend was disappointing... had been training and preparing for the event. Hope to see you & the guys again at the next one.

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Thanks for the mail Chris. Hopefully with your mail out the next Cc Class will happen as its hard for the guys who really put alot into training thinking there fighting, but i suppose these things happen when trying to get something new off the ground.