Victorian State BJJ Titles '04

Who is going along?

Ground Zero will be entering a team... I suspect around a dozen or twenty player at the most.

Wonder if anybody from interstate is making the trip?

Dutch, I'll be there in my cheerleading outfit singing:

Dutch Dutch he's our man
If he can't throw him
No-one can!
Goooooooooooo Dutch!

Have I mentioned how fucking great my legs are for a straight guy?

Mmmm.... I'll keep my ears primed, eyes open and back to the wall.

I didn't run into any hairy beasts with pom poms so I guess Wookie couldn't make it... who knows he is elusive this Wookie character...

What an awesome competition! I swear each year the level of technical skill displayed by the competitors (as a whole) improves by 10%. As far as the organisation etc goes, it was run really well: (typically)fair warning for all competitors before matches, well controlled mats (only towards the end of the day were any less than three mats being used at any one time) and a good ref'ing. A credit to PDB and the AFBJJ - thanks from the competitors.

Way to go Team Ground Zero - third place overall and a swag of fantastic personal performances... I was at training today and already I've seen a few new Blue Belts awarded and I suspect there will be a few more grades/stripes awarded before the week is out. BTW I'll progressively update the GZ website with a full (totally unbiased) report of the competition during the week.

Congrats again team,


Got there late so i missed most of the Hangar 4 guys fights. Congratulations to Louise from hangar 4 taking 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal in the womens division. Also congrats to all competitors, it was painful to watch but not compete.

Also thank you to big Dave for the lovely commentary for my video camera. lol

"Also thank you to big Dave for the lovely commentary for my video camera. lol"

I dread to think what such commentary would have been like... any talk of monkeys?

My neck hurts from my fight - wish we had the luxury of massage tables!

Charles "defeated-by-15-year-old" Choi

ps I missed out on my "competitior's ribbon" :p


I just thought that everyone was looking way too serious so I had to lighten the mood a little :) I was very successful at making a nuisance of myself the entire time I was there, but it was for the benefit of all people.

Dave "E.S.S.G. but with an unblemished record of flaming heterosexuality" Krstic.

Sorry Dutch - couldn't make it on the weekend as I had a serious leg-warmer incident that would have prevented me giving it my all. ;)

How did you go? Did you open a can of Harai Goshi on anyone's ass?

I heard their were some brilliant purple belt bouts? And George S put in another impressive performance?

Charles - who was the 15 year old?

dave, did your people call my people (and get permission) before you started using my TM'ed 'flamingly hetero' tag?


It was a BJJ comp not 'Hrappling' so I think the law of copyright and trademark doesn't apply here. ;)




My baboons and your baboons are the same baboons, so yes permission was granted, and I am flamingly hetero.