Victorious Boxers or KO Kings '01?

I can get KO Kings for 13 bucks and VB for 25. Which is the better deal?

anybody who has played both would tell you victorious boxers. only someone who hasnt played victorious boxers would say ko kings. go w/ vict boxers

I like KO Kings 02 better than VB so far. I just got both. In VB, you end up facing the wrong way too often.. though it's tricker to do body blows in KO Kings 02

ko kings 01 kinda sucks supposedly though

definately VB.

if you want KOK get the very first PS1 one or 2000 for probably a dollar

VB. KK02 has better graphics but each fighter fights the same, whereas VBs boxers have distinct styles.

VB is THE BEST boxing game ever made. Period.