VID: Freestyle Fighting Champions

Freestyle Fighting Championship 8 Highlight
Bad Breed TV
Freestyle Fighting Championships is one of the most successful MMA events in America. They've never lost money, had six consecutive sellouts, take care of the fighters and produce a top notch event at the Gem of the South, the Beautiful Beau Rivage resort and Casino.
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Bad Breed TV will be webcasting FFC 9 from the Beau Rivage on May 14th.


good stuff, TTT


I salivate over having a show in a venue similar to that one.



Can't wait!!!

Am I the only one having trouble seeing the video? I mean, it will play alright, but I cant see anything. I cant even read the lettering for Freestyle Fighting Championships when it pops up.

Yeah, me too. I get a 2"x2" box that is heavily compressed.

It's a WMV file, so if yo don't have the bandwidth,download it and watch from your harddrive. (Right Click "Save Target as...")


it works fine now on my computer

ttt for the best promotion in the south and for badbreedtv

thanks. The show on May 14th is going to be incredible!

man it looks like theyve come a long way since i fought for them !!.........they are really great promoters and always trying to make there show better !