Vid of Coleman's Kids?

Does anyone have video of Coleman's kids with Fedor? Thanks!

thanks! Does anyone have the whole clip though?


They will be traumatized forever.

The real question is WTF was Coleman thinking?

they looked into the eyes of a cold blooded killa.. they will never be the same again

Had Fedor done this his parenting skills would be praised here.

they are so cute!

whats the big deal?

WTF???!!!?!!?! LMFAO!!!..I didn't watch the Pride show so I don't know what lead up to this..But wtf????

Kids....this will show your mother what a good father I am.....bringing you all to cool places and stuff.

I dont think that this is that bad.  The girls were scared that their father was hurt which is part of his job.  Although a place other than the ring might have been more appropriate, I feel that Mark wanted the girls to know that Fedor is a nice man that did not hate him and that they had no reason to be scared of him.

If they see that there is no ill will between the two it is less likely that they will be scared and will have a greater chance of putting the fight into perspective.  I have seen this before in smaller shows where the winner lets the child know that they are friendly and there is nothing to be scared of.

Now if this was Mike Tyson he might have ate them.