Vid of Moorer vs Jirov KO

Link has a vid of every round.....

Clcik on the 9th...





OK--I am blind--but I have watched that thing about 10 times, and can't tell why he crumpled like that--was it a delayed reaction to the punch that was visible or was it a punch that can't be seen on that video?

Jirov is almost too tough for his own good--he doesn't seem to have holding after getting rocked in his repertoire.

looks delayed to me but i was wondergin what hit him

able to go on? he could barely stand there.

As a child Jorov's trainer used to have attack dogs go after him in narrow hall ways, he still has bite mark scars all over his body because of it.

He also used to make Jirov row a boat out 6 miles with him in it instruct Jirov to jump into the water and then motor back to shore. If Jirov cramped up or exhausted he would have died in the water.

I couldnt believe that he got KO'ed....

especially with all the abuse he took from Tooney, I dont think that anyone would have guessed that he would have lost.

Moorer looked awful but managed to pull out a win. He is not ready for the bigger dogs in the division at all.

i thought it was stopped too soon, he hopped up quick and stumbled, then recovered... jirov doesnt exactly have ballerina-like grace to start with

After the 6th I thought to myself Moorer was going to pull a Foreman. Every shot he did throw had a lot of zip, you could tell he wasn't tired. I thought it was a risky stradegy I'll bet you he had that in his head the whole time. I don't think that Jirov had enough punch at that weight to hurt Moorer and I disagree that Moorer lost every round... I thought from the sixth on he really started to fight and wear Jirov down.