Vid of my UGGP fight!

Went out there and did the damn thing. Ryan is a tough SOB and was the better man that night. Couldn't have lost to a better guy though and I have zero regrets! The UGGP will forever be one of the great highlights of my life. Got to meet a ton of great UGers and fight in the greatest ammy MMA promotion in the world! Would like to thank my opponent Ryan, Dan (DreamerMMA) for setting the whole damn thing up, Tuff'N'Uff for giving us the opportunity, all the other competitors of the UGGP for stepping the fuck up, and of course all my family and friends for supporting my dumbass haha.

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Awesome job op. Congrats on stepping in there and fighting. Nothing but respect. Phone Post

Thx man. VTFU


VTFU!! Phone Post 3.0

Great fight.

The fight starts at the 4 minute mark guys.

+3 OP, good on ya for getting out there.

You have an interesting

^ lol

why can I say "

wtf, I'm trying to type s t y l e

style? Phone Post 3.0

Thanks fellas. My style is a lot like Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. take 3 shots to land my 1 haha only a lot goofier

Was there some bad blood or something?

What is with all the Nick Diazesque posturing?

Respect for stepping in there, but you came off as a bit of a douchecanoe with all the posturing and fist shaking LOL.

In any case, good shit bro. Phone Post 3.0

rufus - style? Phone Post 3.0

yeah, three times wtf

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Again I'm not joking, I typed it after comma WTF

what can i say im a douchecanoe lmao. the world needs badguys to root against amirite??

AllAmericanBoxing -

what can i say im a douchecanoe lmao. the world needs badguys to root against amirite??

It's all good homie, just was wondering if there was something between you and your opponent from the way you were acting that's all.

Btw, I think changing your name to DoucheCanoe would be epic LOL. :-) Phone Post 3.0

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