(VID) Sparring Match Gets Heated

MMA fighter Marcus Hicks sparring in a rough area of Dallas gets into a heated sparring match with a boxer.

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Not heated till the very end IMO, I have seen things turn alot uglier than that in the gym before.

Marcus Hicks is the shorter one, heres a HL I did for him.

Real nice working there, not getting frustrated by the reach advantage and just doing the work that needed to be done.

damn he made that boxer look bad!

Marcus Hicks was supposed to fight Chad Saunders a few years back but pulled a no show.

"damn he made that boxer look bad"

Isnt Hicks a fairly accomplished amatuer Boxer himself?

I thought the tall guy's contact was a bit out of hand half way through, and it probably was not the smartest thing to request "gimme all you got" towards the end of the session.

looked like he was trying for a knockout.


how tall is that guy?

Ive seen sparring like that often. If you are a professional that is how you need to spar imo. go to Att or red devil and watch them spar i guarantee you every guy is sparring that hard.

On a side note i watched his highlight and unless i saw wrong i believe he tapped some black belts in the gi if so that is very impressive. What is his bjj level.

not that heated.

he just recently got his brown belt...but i have seen him roll with two or three different black belts and tap them

the guy cheap shots Marcus twice and talked shit while they were sparring
imo it got heated in there, when the cam goes off blows were almost
thrown to.

i didnt see anything that was out of the ordinary.

very explosive, athletic fight

For pro level guys, it wasnt that bad. You often hear the cornerman talking about opening up. He's referring to the punches becoming wider and harder. They'll probably be back in the ring together another day.

I guess its hard too see the cheap shots sorry.

Marcus is strange in that he's the only guy I've ever rolled with that NEVER gets tired. I could roll with him an entire 2 hours and he'd be asking me if I want to do some cardio afterwards. Not to mention he feels like a brickwall when you're trying to move him.

Not that heated.