Vid: Woman Head Stomped / Robbed in Brooklyn


More urban angels fall victim to systemic racism and white supremacy when forced to take grocery money from a white devil. - CNN


No but there were two kids there in my weight class and they really put it on me.

I went there twice, the other times they came to us.

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Yeah… As others have said Brownsville has always been rough

This is Zned you are talking about. Groups of urban youths cross the street when they see him coming to avoid walking by him.

Not exactly, we went on Saturday mornings and we were still really out of place. My trainer at the time lived in New Lots and we trained in midtown at Fighthouse. He would meet me on the train platform.

I went twice and was scared walking around, and it was a Saturday morning, and everyone was away.

Fuck that place.


Because he is well dressed white guy in the hood. They think he is a FED. :slight_smile:

What proof do you have he isn’t a FED?

Keanu Reeves Reaction GIF


She was probably nagging them.

Was the victim black?

Have all the libs disappeared? I want to hear how NYC is as safe as ever and these incidents [that occur daily] are normal in a big city.

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And blue.

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Where is @EazyG crying these must be White Trump suppoters? Dude is a cuck!



steel toed Crocs make them keep their distance.

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ENY is a 3rd world country.

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I believe that Mike Tyson grew up there

Ante Up!

He was born in Fort Greene and moved to Brownsville as a teen.