Vid: Woman Head Stomped / Robbed in Brooklyn

This lady is correct. I’m very casually racist.



Found @EasyG!

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What a lovely couple doing activities together! Don’t hate, appreciate. Dude KOs, dudette stomps (for what fucking reason?? purse wasn’t full enough of cash?). So charming this teamwork!

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I liked how the “man” although KOing a woman, still had to blindside and sucker punch her

Something very very fucked up about a grown woman robbing and then head stomping a woman that is pretty much already knocked out

it’s part and parcel

White supremacists still the most dangerous to Americans? Lol

You are correct sir

As usual, imagine the outrage if it’d be a White couple doing this lovely activity together, especially to a POC.

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Trying to grasp the connection…

Only thing more ignorant than the people in that video are some of the posts here in response. Yeah it’s true that NYC is getting bad again, but people have been getting jacked up in poor neighborhoods since forever. All your great grandpappies wanted to own slaves and enact Jim Crow laws and now you little girls are crying like you’re the victims, scared to death that the big black man (or woman) is coming for your shit next.

Why don’t you marry a poor suburb?