Video: 1995 All Japan Martial Arts Championship

Former DEEP champion, Juntaro Nakao (competing in the white t-shirt, blue shorts, number 101) posted this video to Facebook yesterday and I think it will be of interest to the more old school UG'ers here.

This is a mixed styles tournament that includes karate, aikido, shoot boxing, jeet kun do, sambo, and pro wresting, as well as 'undisclosed' fighting styles.

The rules allow open strikes while standing, but closed fists are allowed to the body while on the ground. I'm not quite sure how the scoring works - more knowledgeable people can comment on this, but seems to be ippon shobu or win by TKO, KO, or decision, and rounds are hella short - maybe a minute up until the semi-finals.

Besides just being a good tournament to watch, it's interesting to see the mix of styles and the state of grappling before the proliferation of BJJ.

Just had to share and I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on it.

Thanks, much for the embed!

Meant to add one other thing: the categories are decided by adding a fighter's weight in kg & height in cm... uh, okay! :)

Old school! thanks!