Video: Absolute Fighting Championship III (1997)

IAFC: 1st Absoute Fighting World Cup Pankration (aka Absolute Fighting Championship III) was a mixed martial arts event that took place November 12, 1997 in Tel Aviv Israel. The event featured a eight man, single elimination, open weight tournament.

Tournament participants included, Nick Nutter, Zane Frazier, Mikhail Avetisyan, Valery Pliev, Vasily Kudin, Yuri Mildzikhov, Maxim Tarasov, Joe Charles and Igor Vovchynchyn.

1st Absolute Fighting World Cup Pankration

IAFC: Absolute Fighting Championship III

November 12, 1997

Tel Aviv, Israel

8 Man Open Weight Tournament:

Nick Nutter vs Maxim Tarasov

Joe Charles vs Yuri Mildzikhov

Zane Frazier vs Vasily Kudin

Igor Vovchynchyn vs Valery Pliev



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The man again!

lol, awesome that Nutter just got off the plane, was sick on the flight, and rolled into the arena and whipped ass.  That's badass.  

 What a great fight by Joe Charles!  

sorry, don't my own play by play as I watch this.  Never seen it.  

Sub for tomorrow.

 Does Nutter just tap from exhaustion in the finals again Igor, or did I miss something else?  Again, props to him for puking on a playing all the way to Israel to do 3 fights in one evening only 1 hour after getting off the plane.  BAMF. He had to be badly dehydrated by that point.  I didn't know he was training with Coleman and crew as well.  

Good one.

Thanks again pro Ice.




 Not sure Mr Cutter, don't know if it was exhaustion, sure he was tired but he looked to be pretty active till the end. Looks to me like Vovchanchyn may have broke his nose with one of those headbutts ..... vicious headbutts at 145:00 in. Notice how Igor really targets the nose and lands a couple big ones right before the end

And yeah Nutter was a BAMF. He was a pretty acomplished wrestler division 1 and was training at Hammer House, he looked to have a very bright future in NHB. I remember after this tournament in which all actuality he SHOULD'VE won see; 136:00 in (Igor taps?!?!) people were really high on him comparing him to and saying/calling him the next "Coleman" ect  

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 TTT for those that haven't seen  

 Thanks Pro Ice.I did miss it the first time around.

At one time,The Ghetto Man Joe Charles used to call himself Joe "No Rules" Charles & LOL @ the padding around the cage.

 You're welcome crowbar

And Joe "The Ghetto Man No Rules" Charles was a tough sob   : )

The Welsh Top Team considers Joe Charles an important figure in the development of Welsh mma.