Video and Book Reviews Added


I just wanted to let everyone know that the Video and Review Forum has been updated.

Just go to and click on the Fight Forum the Video and Review Forum is located there.

There are currently over 80 reviews posted and it is growing all the time.

I will keep you posted on when new reviews have been added and of any other news that you may feel is helpfull.

If you can do me a favor and please register. I did have it a requirement earlier today, but a couple people had problems with that, so I took it off if you can register for me just so I can see how many people are actually going to the forum I would appreciate it.

Also I redid the forum. There is no a Total Review Section. You can post Equipment Reviews, Book Reviews, and Video Reviews.

Thank you,


It's a nice thing you have done but having people register to view it is a bit over doing it, especially when you have taken reviews from the very people who you are expecting to register and you have taken them from other places. These are not reviews done on your site but rather taken from others, including my own. You never asked for permission to do it either you just took them. You shouldn't expect people to register to see their own reviews that you are using.

I have registered, recieved a confirmation email, but I still recieve a "Sorry, but only users granted special access can read topics in this forum." error when I try to access the Video and Review Forum


I really don't see what the big deal is with registering. I understand that they are not my reviews, but at the same time it is helping people. I would just like to see how many people are viewing the forum and the only way I can think if is by registering. As far as I know this is the only forum with a video and book review forum. I have given credit to all of the people who have posted and where the revies came from. Some reviews are really old that I had to look for and it took me a while and some are new. I figure taking a minute to register for a service that is free and helps people isn't the big of a deal.

Registering is a bad idea.

If you have a counter or page stats available I will bet with you that your hit rate falls by 50-75% because you are making people register.

ok...since people had problems about the registering to view the Video and Book Review forum I have taken it off.

You no longer have to register to view. You still need to register to post though.


Thanks for the info, it is really helpful.



not sure if you are ever going to log into the forum, but when you registered you registered under bjjpim8. I think you put in the wrong user name on accident. You are missing the "r" in the username. If you did that on purpose then forget it, but I just want to make sure you have everything set right.

Just checking cause if you want to fix it I was just giving you the heads up.


Just wanted to let everyone know once again that there have been more reviews posted on the forums.

I have also made the Video, Book, and Equipment Forums Separate. Others have also posted their comments on the Reviews Forums and some of the other forums please feel free to check them out and post if you would like.

The registration requirement has also been taken off. I realize that some people will not want to even check out the forum if they have to register, but I would also appreciate it if you can take the time to register just so I have an idea of who is checking out the forums.

You do not have to log in to view the forums.

I hope this service helps everyone and once again we appreciate everyone taking the time to visit our website.

Also if you haven't already fill out the form on the homepage to recieve your free e-book.

Thank you,

If you could fix that it would be great I didn't leave the (R) out on purpose.