**VIDEO** Avellan Shows The Wrestling Switch!

Hey everybody, last week I posted a technique video of the Neck Crank Armbar, click here to see it.  This week I'm showing the Wrestling Switch!  This is a very common move in wrestling but should definitely be more popular in Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  In this video, I show a way to set it up versus the double leg shot, from the closed guard, and a submission setup using the switch.  The technique is definitely applicable for both MMA and BJJ.

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--Marcos Avellan

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man these instructionals are fun. Especially like the trouble shooting parts where you go over the common mistakes.

Thank you Mayweedz, I always make sure to only show on video techniques that I have taught at least a couple hundred times.  This way I'm already familiar with all the common mistakes that people make.  All it takes is for someone to make one mistake that I didn't address for them to lose faith in the move and give up on it.